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View global rapid and PCR test locations on the website of the Dutch authorities

View global rapid and PCR test locations on the website of SkyTeam

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Test locations for passengers departing from Bulgaria

For passengers travelling to Amsterdam from high-risk areas antigen tests are required by the Dutch government, in addition to the already existing PCR test requirement. The necessary procedures have also been put into effect. For a number of customers, the imposed 4-hour limit for this antigen test also causes practical problems, because not all airports in the world have antigen testing facilities. KLM helps customers where possible. In Bulgaria, passengers are advised to contact Genica, the authorized Bulgarian laboratory for registering to the test: https://web.genica.bg/register Working hours are from 3.00AM up to the time to cover all flights to Netherlands. Test centers GENICA Lab, in partnership with Swissport, has launched a new COVID-19 test center at Sofia Airport GENICA’s COVID-19 tests are reliable and fast, allowing for sample collection right at the airport. The samples are delivered to our lab and analyzed within 2 hours from performing the test. Location: Sofia Airport Terminal 2 Departure Swissport Ticket office Opening hours: 03:00 am – 11:00 pm For more information visit: https://genica.bg/covid19-sofia-airport